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In extreme weather conditions such as ice and snow, there are more thorough but still expedient measures that should be taken; Step 1 is, if you are using one tree and a limb to support your tarp, try to use an evergreen such as a pine; the boughs with their needles will help keep more snow or ice off your cover;

step 2 is to cut extra boughs, long enough to reach from just above the top of your tarp to the ground; lace them together on both sides of the shelter, this will provide more stability, more insulation, and help block the wind.

 Step 3 is to clear the ground inside your shelter of snow then put 4-6" of boughs on the ground to help keep you out of contact with it; pine boughs will help retain your body heat and greatly increase your chances of staying dry, just make sure to put a waterproof ground cloth on top of the boughs.

Step 4 is to make your fire pit more of a trench, extending 3-4 feet out from the shelter opening; this allows you to use long lengths of wood, and as the fire burns down you can shove the unburnt lengths of wood towards your shelter; start off with a small fire on the side closest to the shelter, then add the longer lengths of wood once you get a bed of coals established.

It takes a bit longer to build this type of shelter, but in harsh winter conditions it can mean the difference between being comfortable and dying from hypothermia. Sleeping on the cold ground is a no-no, and you definitely want to be shielded from the wind as much as possible

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