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I want to touch base on another issue that applies to both survival homestead and to your regular domicile, namely lighting; with the plethora of LED lighting systems currently available, switching your home over to LED bulbs is very cost effective (you can buy 2-60w bulbs at Lowe's for 3 bucks) generally have a lifespan of 9 years, and reduce power consumption by at least 75%; 10 sixty watt equivalent LED bulbs use the same amount of electricity as one 90 watt incandescent bulb and generally have a softer, brighter light; it will make a noticeable difference on your electric bill.

Also consider that there is a wide range of 12V lighting and appliances available also; most of these have been primarily geared to the marine and Recreational arenas such as cabin cruisers, houseboats, travel trailers, and motor homes; dual fuel refrigerators that run off either propane or 12V electricity are readily available; with the introduction of LED systems the energy use has been greatly reduced, extending the run time on your storage batteries, and work quite well with solar panels; one added benefit is that the LED bulbs do not emit heat like the incandescent bulbs which will help when running the A/C, or make a noticeable difference if you don't have A/c. Most any kitchen appliance such as coffee pots, blenders, mixers, all are available as 12V systems.

I have a 12x24 workshop that I light with 2-4 foot  LED shop lights, they combined draw 70 watts of electricity, and it is bright enough in there to perform surgery; four normal 4 bulb 4 foot fluorescent light fixtures would not provide as much light at 8 times the cost in electricity.

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