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Why Prep for Survival?

The question is often asked "Why should I prepare? There is nothing to worry about..." Famous last words,people. In the current paradigm we live in there are any of a number of different scenarios that we could face at any time, from severe storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wild fires, terrorist attacks,pandemic diseases such as Ebola, earthquakes, and many different scenarios we might face...

On any given day in the continental US there is a 3 day supply of food on the store shelves;and that is during an average, normal, calm day; let anything happen to spook the citizens and the shelves will be bare quickly...

Being prepared is foremost a state of mind coupled to the will to survive and to provide for our families; it also requires thought and planning to cover most any situation or event we may face in advance of the S hitting the fan; waiting until things are happening is usually far too late.

As an example, there are some organizations, like the Mormons, that advocate their members keep a years supply of basic food stock on hand at anytime, wheat, beans, rice, corn, enough items to sustain a family of four, plus water; often the most overlooked yet most vital necessity is your source of drinking water.

 A healthy adult can survive for weeks on very few calories, but three days without water can be devastating to your entire body,especially to your kidneys; your body requires a minimum of 2 quarts of water a day, much more if you are in a high stress situation or warm temper-atures.

I will cover many different aspects of preparation, and many different situations, from house fires, to avalanches and the zombie apocalypse, bug out bags, expedient shelters, the art of fire making, water purification, foraging, and harvesting game.

 One very important fact that you must realize, understand, and accept: In any large scale disaster scenario, the majority of the people have made no preparations, have little or no supplies, do not have any survival skills, or a clue of what to do.

And will do whatever they can to take yours away from you.

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